Let's look at the Wedding Ceremony first. Our system is designed for maximum accuracy of vocal reproduction with minimal visual impact. We operate from behind your guests with speakers to the sides and back. We take care of everything you might need.....Minister microphone, reader microphones, specialized Bride and Groom microphone, live performance microphones and inputs....things you probably didn't even know you needed. This system also contains CD players and we will custom edit CD tracks for your Ceremony.

Now for the Reception. This system is designed to help you feel the music.....I'm not sure I need to say any more....so I won't.
                                                Legendary Sound Creatures
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You already know how important your Wedding day is so I won't waste your time telling you that like every other DJ web site. What I will tell you is that we specialize in both Weddings and Wedding Receptions. When it comes to sound they are two totally different types of events requiring different types of audio systems.
Our style is mature, refined and classy. We are not "roller rink" DJ's. We are not there to be "stars". We are there to Emcee your special event and make sure your guests know what is happening and when. We can also provide video projectors or flat screen TV's with the audio through our system.

Let us help you. Let us use our experience with Weddings and Receptions to make your day extra special.